River spray MARRY 10

Price: 48.12 EUR

tank 10,75 l, max. capacity 8,5 l
max. pressure 3 bar
delivery 2,5 dl

serial manometer valve:
yellow–low pressure, green–operation
pressure, red–relief valve turns on
after use the pressure can be released by
pulling the valve
water temperature max. +30°C
diam. of the rose with opened nozzle
max. 60°
not for strong solvents, oil or gasoline etc.
includes shoulder strap

Cena ar PVN 21%
Serial nr.DM4004
Tank10.75 L
Weight1,7 kg
Capacity 8,5 l
Max. pressure3 bar
Delivery2.5 l/h
Water max temperature +30°C °

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