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Plastic box 300x94x80 mm

Price: 3.76 EUR

Outer dimensions
S x L x K 300x94x80 mm
Capacity 1,5 dm3

The Finnish KENNOSET shelf boxes and take-up boxes suits for all standard shelves in dimensions.
The take-up boxes piles up easily and the lowered front edge makes picking easier.
The used raw material is recycled polypropylene which is resistant for oils, most acids,
alkali and solvents. Heat resistancy -20 .... +90°C. The colour of boxes is blue (RAL5002).
The labels as standard. Divider plates as additional equipment.

Cena ar PVN 21%
Serial nr.KH6310
Packing size10 gab

Tālruņi: 29464911, epasts: info@darbariks.lv.
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