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Elektriskās kastes caurumu urbjmašīnas komplekts

Cena: 330.11 EUR

•with the help of magnetic casings, the positioning of hole is easy,
fast and accurate
•suitable for all sheet materials

the kit includes:
- 2 pcs of centre drills
- hole saws H97 (for roof) and H75 (for wall) and spare blades
the blade part of saws made of steel and shaft made of aluminium
- 8 pcs of magnets:
2 magnet finders, 4 magnets for wall boxes and 2 for roof boxes
•packed in plastic case

1)Push the magnet casing
to the electric box and assemble
the plate. (The assembled
electric boxes
can be fastened or loose,
also wired.)
2)Place the right place with
the magnet finder.
3)Drill the hole H 97 to the roof
and H 75 to the wall.
Assemble the centre drill 5
mm over the thickness of plate,
that way you’ll get perfect
4)Remove the magnet
casings for next use.

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