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Graudu mitruma mērītājs SuperPRO

Cena: 450.00 EUR

grinding moisture meter
better result when grinding the seed, the moisture is being
backlight on display, 1 decimal place
temperature compensated measuring
average result from 5 last measurement, by using several samples and average the result is more accurate
18 different grains and seeds ready calibrated:

oats, wheat, barley, rye, rape, linen, timothy, triticale, rapeseed, pea, mustard, kumina, cumin, buckwheat, red clover, ryegrass, meadow, fescue, red fescue, camelina
shockproof abs plastic transport case and cleaning brush included
measuring range (moisture): 5 % - 50 % (depending on crop type)
operating range (temperature): 0 - 45 °c
accuracy: < 0,25 % in normal moisture range when using average and calibration adjustments
dimensions: 13 x 21 x 8 cm
weight: 2 kg (including case)
battery 9 V

Cena ar PVN 21%
Sērijas nr.ST5002

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